Sensorimotor areas and connections overview!

A compilation of material presented during the Sabes' Lab meetings, April-May 2001.  Maybe if I get ambitious I'll add a bit more.

To get started, either click on an area you're interested in below, or navigate to a specific area using the links below the picture:

Primary Motor Cortex (Area 4, F1)

Primary Somatosensory Cortex (SI, Areas 1, 2, 3)

Somatosensory areas of the Lateral Sulcus (SII)

Premotor areas (Area 6: PMd, PMv, pre-SMA/SMA)

Parietal Cortex (LIP, AIP, 7a, 7b, DP)

A link to visual areas? (PO/V6)

A whole bunch of medial area (MIP, MDP, 5, PO, VIP)

Superior Colliculus

Corticospinal connections



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Last updated: 9/29/03

By: Audrey Carstensen