Joseph E. O'Doherty, Ph.D.


Research Interests

Brain-machine interfaces & neuroprosthesis, electrical stimulation, movement, somatosensation, multisensory integration.

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UCSF Department of Physiology
San Francisco, CA 94143-0444
joeyo (at)

Research Articles

  1. Makin, J.G., O'Doherty, J.E., Cardoso, M.M.B, & P.N. Sabes. (2018).
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    PMCID: PMC3118434 PDF
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  16. Gumber, S.C. & J.E. O'Doherty. (1999).
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Book Chapters

  1. Dadarlat, M.C., O'Doherty, J.E. and P. N. Sabes. (2014).
    A learning-based approach to artificial sensory feedback, in
    Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State of the Art Summary 3. Guger, C., Vaughan, T. and B. Allison, Editors. Springer.
  2. Hanson, T.L., Fitzsimmons, N.A. and J.E. O'Doherty. (2007).
    Technology for Multielectrode MicroStimulation of Brain Tissue, in
    Methods for Neural Ensemble Recordings, Second Edition. Nicolelis, M.A.L., Editor. CRC Press.
    PMID: 21204445

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ICMS Integration

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Rubber Hand Illusion

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Adaptive Decoding

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Ensemble Adaptation

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