Lab Responsibilities

Breakdown, July 2018



Orders Placing general orders: Individual
   Surgical Derek gloves, etc
   Oxygen tanks Derek  
EtOH and bleach prep Once a week Derek  
Lab Maintenance Chem waste Derek chem waste must have tag at collection start, 60 day max storage, fill out EH&S form
Dead animals (weekly) Derek Biohazard waste disposal-outer red bag, double bagged, dispose in frig Animal Tower 2nd floor
Dirty cages (daily) Derek return to LARC every evening
Laundry (occasional) Derek  
Animal Care Ordering and Breeding Requests Jennifer
Drugs Ordering Megumi
Checking for expired drugs and lab cleanliness Umais monthly; make sure everything is good to the END of the next month
EH&S disposal Derek tag waste, fill out & fax EH&S form, 60 day max storage
Protocols IACUC:  (mouse) MPS
EAP (Emergency Action Plan) Derek consult Shelley how to maintain list of lab members, etc.
EH&S: BUA (Biohazard, Biological Use ) Jennifer
EH&S: CSA (Controlled Substance) Megumi
EH&S: RUA (Radiation - inactive) MPS
Checklist of Lab Manager Tasks Drafted by Umais (to be revised)