Scanbox GPU problem

Scanbox intermittently crashes due to a gpu (high speed graphics processing unit) error. It will sometimes crash repeatedly, even following restarts of Matlab or reboots of the computer, and even after the latest Nvidia driver has been installed cleanly. Mostly it is fine, and fixes itself by the next day, but this problem has recurred.

The only function that relies on the GPU is the online segmentation. If we are not using online segmentation, then we can disable GPU by setting a value in the scanbox configuration file

the # of pages to zero, by changing the 250 in the line below to 0 (zero) in the file yeti\core\scanbox_config.m

sbconfig.gpu_pages = 250; % max number of gpu pages (make it zero if no GPU desired)

To tell whether this will be a problem without starting scanbox, as soon as matlab starts, type:

>> reset(gpuDevice)

If that throws an error then something is wrong (in which case you can set the gpu pages to zero and restart matlab). If not, things should work fine with the gpu.

--Michael Stryker

Feb 25, 2016