Connecting to the Big New 48TB Stryker lab File Server:

This file server runs zfs internally and does Samba (for connections to Windows network) and NFS (for connection to selected unix/linux machines).

All of your data should be in a root folder under your name, or in a folder that has your name under the root folder idl if you are collecting it as user idl (as we often do).

From the Macintosh Finder Menu, select the Go and Connect to server ... and then type in smb:// and click Connect. You will be asked for your username and password. With idl, it is the long password used for lab web site, or if you, it is your phy email password. You will then be connected.

From Windows, it is more complicated. In the File Explorer, you can right-click on Network and select Map network Drive, or else you can type \\mps-zfs\idl into the menu bar. Select Connect from Another Account. From Windows, your username is KECK-CENTER\username (ie, KECK-CENTER\idl for user idl), and your password is the same one as you use for connecting from a Macintosh.

Please let me know which linux/unix machines need a permanent connection via NFS (ie, the analysis machines for imaging), and I will add them to the server's list of permitted NFS connections.