This page has links for downloading software written by Michael Silver to perform an analysis of the colocalization of labeled structures in serial optical microscopic sections. This method is described in detail in Silver, M.A., and Stryker, M.P. (2000) A method for measuring colocalization of presynaptic markers with anatomically labeled axons using double label immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy. J Neurosci Methods 94: 205-15 See also Erratum .

The self-extracting executable file for Macintosh (Power PC or later) contains 3 files: (1) a customized version of NIH Image (modified from the original version 1.61 written by Wayne Rasband), (2) a macros file that carries out colocalization analysis, and (3) a Microsoft WORD rich text format (rtf) file describing how to use the program. The plain text description of the program is also available for viewing.

Note: We have not tested this program since 2001 and the Version 1.61 of NIH Image and the PowerPC Macintosh. It may not work with any modern macintosh or with newer versions of the Image program, such as Image/J. The macros can can be studied and would surely be straightforward to re-implement, but we have not done so.

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