Instructions for installing special mouse drivers on WinXP for monitoring Tankball motion

The source code for 3 programs plus the driver are in C:\src\MouseSensor:

  1. WinUSBDevices driver,

  2. a computer-mouse data acquitsition program, which send data via UDP to ContImage or to other programs (version 1 sends data to port 8936 formatted for TDT RX5),

  3. a Visual Basic listener program on UDP port 8936 that accepts the data and writes it to the TDT RX5.

  4. Microcode that must be copied into the program that runs on the TDT RX5 if it is to receive and store these Tankball movement data.

Sergei is going to make another version of the sending program (2) so that it packs each mouse's x and y increments into a single word and send this word to one of the last two synchronization channels used by ContImage. This modification should be quick.

Installing the WinUSB_Devices Driver:

You must always plug the tiny USB hub into the same physical USB port on the computer that it works on because the driver is associated with a particular hardware port at the time of installation. That port will no longer work with other USB devices. The driver works with WinXP but not with Win2K. Generally we use the lower leftmost USB port (the one closest to the motherboard on the lower row. This ie easiset if you View Devices By Connection.

When installing for the first time, look for a new USB2.0 Hub that has 2 “Human Interface Devices”, the Details of which include “VID046D&PID_C01B”. These are the Logitech USB mouse MX310.

Update the driver by clicking Have Disk and Install from Specific Location and get driver from C:\src\MouseSensor\WinUSB_Devices_Setup\WinUSB_Devices.inf.

Note that the Device Manager adds a new type of device category, called WinUSB_Devices. You have to install each mouse separately, but for the second one the driver will already be there and need only be selected rather than copied.

The MouseSensor source will go on mps-pc38\src.