Print Spooler Problems on WinXP

Occasionally one gets a bad pdf file or other file to be printed that hangs the WinXP system when it tries to print on a particular printer but may print all right on another printer. The cause is a document that is inedible by one printer's printing dll. This has happened several times with Stryker's HP LaserJet1020. The system may give you a warning message box with text like "At location 0x177746 unable to write memory location 0x00000" or something equally uninformative, and it may offer to report an error to Microsoft about the Print Spooler Subsystem. These messages may come a few minutes after trying to print, and may recur even after restart because the print spooler automatically tries to print any document left in the print queue after restart.

The solution is to go to MyComputer >> Manage >> Services >> Print Spooler and STOP the print spooler (right-click and Stop). Stopping the dead print spooler may take a few mintues, during which the Windows gui will be unresponsive or poorly responsive. Then go to C:\\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete all the files (there will be two for each document in the spool queue). Then restart the Print Spooler (and make sure it is on Automatic Startup, which it should already be), and everything should be fine. Itr is probably best to delete the offending document, since trying to print it again on the same printer will hang the computer again.