Life Support Monitoring

  1. Turn on mps-pc17 (or mps-pc14 if using the other room) and login as user idl. This machine appends every 8 sec a new line of life support information to files called vitals.txt and eeg.txt in its local c:\vitals (shared as VITALS) directory. Occasionally these files should be deleted so that the machine will start over. Or they may be saved, in part or whole, if you want more temporal resolution than is saved on the remote machine.
  2. Start up LabView on mps-pc23.
  3. Load c:\Remote
  4. Map Network Drive on mps-pc23 so that M: is mapped to \\mps-pc17\vitals (or to \\mps-pc14\vitals, if using the other room).
  5. On the mps-pc23 front panel, change the output file to a "vitals.txt" file in the appropriate directory. The input files should always be left the same (e.g., M:\vitals.txt).
  6. Change the Nembutal Dose, Airway Pressure, Respiratory Rate, and Infusion Rate boxes to the appropriate values. The values in these boxes are recorded every 20 minutes or any time that the "nembutal dose given" button is pressed. These values should be adjusted as needed for accuracy throughout the run.
  7. Set the alarm levels to appropriate values (combo-arrow boxes at the right side of each trace box). Turn on whichever alarms are wanted by clicking on the apprpriate red box.
  8. Minimize the vi to the size you want it to be on mps-pc23.
  9. Start the vi by clicking the arrow.
  10. Each time you press the Nembutal Dose given, it records the Nembutal Dose and increments the cumulative total.