Tn install all the life support stuff on a new computer (WinXP):

- install NI-DAQ driver version 6.9.3 from our CDs
- install NI data acquisition card (PCI-6040 or PCI-MIO-16E-4 or AT-MIO-16E-4 or maybe 16E-10)
- Configure and test thedata acquisition card using the Measurement and Automation utility (Max)
- install Labview Version 6i from our CD (without installing any of the files from the 'Drivers' section)
- copy the Daq folder to '...\LabVIEW 6\vi.lib\Daq' (zipped copy of daq folder is here at
- copy the virtual instrument from the unzipped The file '' can go anywhere--such as the main Labview folder
- Put a shortcut to on the Desktop