How to install our LabView runtime life support software on a new laptop running Win7

The necessary files are on ucsfidl's Google Drive My Drive >> softwrae >> Windows >> Life Support LabView. Copyor dowload this folder to your desktop if Google Drive is not synched to the laptop..

First, download and install the current National Instruments NI-DAQ or NI-DAQmx NI-Max Measurement Automation and Control libraries and drivers from Then restart. Plug in the blue life support box via its USB connector and verify that it shows up as Dev1 in Installed Devices when you run NI-MAX (it may start automatically). If it has a different name, change the name to Dev1. Run the test.

Second, Install the LabView 8.5 runtime from the Runtime Engine (Full) folder inside the Google Drive folder above by clicking setup.exe. Then restart.

Third, copy the the mouse_daqmx_dev.exe and mouse_daqmx_dev.ini files to your desktop from the Life Support LabView folder. Double-click the mouse_daqmx_dev.exe , and the life support program shoudl start.

Fourth, if you like, there is a second life support program that runs on a second device Dev2. You can copy it as well, though its heat output is said to be broken.

--Michael Stryker 03/16/2017