Installing ContStim (V1.02) on a new computer

Install and update Windows-XP. SP3 should be fine.

Copy the Contstim folder to the C:\ drive from one of the other stimulus computers (pc16, pc22, pc23)

Go to (by googling "Computer Boards PCI-DIO24"--company is now called Measurement Computing). Download InstaCal installation and test program (icalsetup.exe) and run it to install device drivers and SET THE BOARD NUMBER TO BAORD #1 (NOT #0).


Make sure that the gamma correction file actually exists in the place that the ini file specifies. The format is explained in Constim_explained.ini

Note: The newer version (1.02) of Contstim does NOT use the "stripewidthdeg" setting. It uses "striperatio" instead. For .0125 cy/deg (80 deg) 2 deg stripes are striperatio of .025