I would like to make an alignment tool that would screw in in place of an RMS-threaded objective and project a laser beam backwards through our 2-photon microscope to aid in the positioning of the optics that deliver the IR beam to the periscope.


The components that seem useful to substitute for the objective are

CPS532- Collimated Laser Diode Module, 532 nm, 4.5 mW, Round Beam, 11 mm Housing

LDS5- 5 VDC Regulated Power Supply, 2.5 mm Phono Plug, 120 VAC

KAD11F- SM1-Threaded Kinematic Pitch/Yaw Adapter for 11 mm Cylindrical Components

SM1BC - Extended-Length Adapter with External RMS Threads and Internal SM1 Threads


RMSA1 adapter from RMS to M25 threads for other objective mount

Need 1 or 0.5 extension tube to bridge between KAD11F- SM1 and SM1BC


For adjustment of the kinematic mount to perfect alignment, I would imagine that I would screw the assembly above into the following, and adjust to maximum transmission through the aperture in the alignment plate.  But I am not sure the alignment plate below will fit into the SM1E60.

2X SM1E60    SM1 Extension Tube, 6" Long, 1" Thread Depth, One Retaining Ring Included


SM1A3 - Adapter with External SM1 Threads and Internal RMS Threads


something like the
DG10-1500-H1-Mounted Frosted Glass Alignment Disks with 01mm hole for 1" Fixed Optic Mounts


Professor Michael P. Stryker