After a long hiatus, the Sensorimotor Journal Club is starting its new season. We’ll begin this Friday, October 10th with a presentation by Andrea Crowell and Philip Starr titled:


“Electrocorticography and basal ganglia local field potentials in movement disorders”


Prof. Philip A. Starr, M.D., Ph.D., is in the UCSF Dept. of Neurological Surgery and specializes in the surgical treatment of movement disorders. Prof Starr also runs an active research program investigating basal ganglia physiology and other neural systems implicated in movement disorders. An important advance in the treatment of many otherwise intractable movement disorders has been the implantation of deep brain stimulator (DBS) electrodes, and during these implantation surgeries, Prof. Starr and Andrea Crowell have been able to record local field potentials from the basal ganglia as well as from electrode grids placed on the cortical surface. This Friday at Sensorimotor Journal Club, they will talk about the data they have collected.